• Duration

    5 nights, 4 days walking

  • Distance

    100 km (62 miles)

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    March 1st

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    December 1st

This 5-night spiritual retreat on the Camino Primitivo will introduce spiritual formation practices that will deepen your intimacy with God. A typical day will look like this:

Morning: Pilgrims usually rise shortly after daybreak to enjoy the crisp morning air. Breakfast will then be on your own, based on your own needs and desired departure time. The morning will be spent walking, with rests and lunch along the way. A self-guided devotional will be provided for your use throughout the day.

Afternoon: After walking 4-6 hours (averaging 25 km each day), you will arrive at your overnight destination sometime in early to mid-afternoon. Everyone is permitted to walk at their own pace, with or without a companion. Afternoons will be spent showering, resting, journaling or doing laundry. Before dinner, you will have the opportunity to debrief the day with the group over drinks and tapas, if desired.

Evening: You may choose to eat dinner with our cohort, a smaller group, or on your own. Dinner in Spain is typically much later than in other countries (after 8pm). However, due to the rigorous exercise of the Camino, most albergues will require lights out at 10:00 pm. So, we will aim to eat dinner on the earlier side.

The program above describes a typical day and the opportunities that will be available to you. While we hope you will participate in some of the group sessions to enrich the experience of others, it is not required because we realize that every person’s pilgrimage is unique. Each person comes with different questions, hopes and needs. We want to respect and honor where each person is at. The intent of the program is to provide a basic rhythm that pilgrims can follow as desired.

Camino Primitivo 5-Night Spiritual Retreat – Lugo to Santiago de Compostela

This 5-night spiritual retreat on the Camino Primitivo will begin in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lugo, the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman walls ringed with 71 towers. This pilgrimage from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela traverses the peaceful and astounding beauty of the Galician countryside. It is the minimum distance you must walk to earn the official Compostela certificate issued by the Catholic Church.

The journey will take you through quaint medieval villages, expansive green landscapes, and rolling hillsides. You will experience the quiet, traditional way of life in rural Spain. Although we feel longer retreats are better for the soul, this length is sufficient for those who have limited time. It is also less demanding than the first leg of the Primitivo that passes through rugged mountains. Nonetheless, for most of the journey you will still be surrounded by nature’s peace and glory until you enter the outskirts of the famous city Santiago de Compostela.

This is a guided spiritual retreat. Please read the tabs to the left for details about what is included.

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